Friday, May 20, 2005

There Is No Compromise Possible  

Jeralyn over at Talk Left urges all liberal bloggers to speak out against a compromise that would permit the likes of Patricia Owen to get confirmed by the Congress. So I am breaking my blog silence to say that I fully agree that no compromise is possible on this issue.

The Republicans have framed this in the typically fascistic manner that they've used since Bush entered the White House. They are prepared to tear up the Constitution in order to appoint mediocrities, incompetents, and extremists to the courts without opposition from anyone who is not a party member.

There is no conceivable compromise with such tactics, as it would no longer permit the United States to have a government of the kind that Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin -to name just three- had in mind. Regardless of whether the Republicans succeed at this one, however, the restoration of any kind of genuine democracy after the havoc Bush has wreaked on our system will take years to repair, if it happens at all.

Two predictions: If they lose now, they will surely try again -and probably succeed- when Bush nominates someone far to the right of Scalia to the Supreme Court. While I don't know his health, but assuming it's ok, I suspect Bush may try to nominate Bork, even if he is 78 or so.

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