Friday, September 02, 2005

The Global War On Nature  

What now? Is he going to pray to God to come and part the waters? Declare a Global War On Nature and pre-emptively attack the Atlantic winds in order to end all natural disasters in our lifetime? Why not? It makes as much sense as the End of Evil his advisers talked about for some four years.

And so finally, the scales are starting to fall. Unfortunately many of us were right: it took the tragic deaths of thousands of Americans before the country would start to get it. Little did we know, however, that those deaths would come not in war, or from terrorism, but from an utterly pointless, utterly avoidable, utterly inexcusable neglect of his oath in the aftermath of a predicted and well-tracked natural disaster.

But there he now stands in the harsh light of the Louisiana afternoon, smirking and joking his way through his photo-ops tour, his treasured vacation tragically cut short. But this time, no one except his paid acolytes have a kind word left for him.

Some of the reporters seem shell-shocked, not only by the horrors they witnessed but by the sheer awful failure of the Bush government to meet this huge, yet manageable, crisis before it descended into hell. As he swaggers and blinks and mugs for the cameras in the hot sun, hardly anyone's buying his cheap act for a second. And to many, who are seeing him as he really is for the first time, the sight of the real George W. Bush is as horrible and as grotesque as the rotting corpse of a poor lady in a wheelchair abandoned in a ruined city once known for its proud, joyful zest for living, its music, and its charm. The newly awakened shake their heads and wonder aloud:

The safety of my children and my country depend on this man?

Welcome to reality in the late summer of 2005.

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